Renske's Blabla

When we first had a website, quite some years ago, I created a little Blabla section. I didn't know straight away but this was followed by quite a few people, as I found out later when meeting and talking to customers at shows etc. So, in case you're interested, in this section you'll find stories about who we are and what/how we do things. Newest posts are on top.


May 2024

In pursuit of excellence, originality and creative ideas a new collection is being brewed... collectively know as SIT, this brand new range will incorporate our 'normal' materials of wool, wood, and more recently resin and papermache, and in the near future, rattan as well.

This range ,as indicated, will include seats for little ones, combining felt and wood and papermache and YES bright beautiful colours. I'm so happy colour is making a come-back. Love naturals and neutrals, absolutely adore colour!


I will keep you posted via Instagram. Can't wait to show you what we are cooking up for you.


January 2024

Steaming ahead into the new year; I am firmly committed to make so many new and wonderfully original products that the couple of companies in Australia copying everything, or just about, we do, are being left in our airstream, flabbergasted! There are so many wonderful ideas one can come up with and the non-stop being copied is tiresome. However, I feel my strength is the development of new ideas, not just product but also using 'new' materials. With a firm resolution to keep using sustainable materials, natural where possible, I am extending our range into some not-before-seen products and materials.

We are also truly working with Fair Trade out of Nepal and Sri Lanka, not 'green-washed' but traceable and real. 

Sometimes our prices may be slightly higher than the same items others are copying; this is because we actually really work with certified Fair Trade, don't argue with our suppliers, never beat them down on price and always look for quality.

I firmly believe our products are better, better designed and better made; we are strict with designing in such ways that the compliance for safety is not an issue.

I don't often flaunt our credentials, as I always believe our work should speak for itself. But we are a special company, taking great care in whom we work with and what materials we source. I respect our suppliers, our customers, our end -users and above all, our staff that makes everything possible.

Did you know we exist 33 years!

I have seen a number of huge and not so huge but well-known retailers come and go, we are still working hard, being successful, creating value for all our stakeholders, and I am very proud of this.

I'd like to wish you an adventurous 12 months, full of discovery, excitement and happy coincidences. 


Talk soon, much love




November 2023

Selamat Pagi...or good morning to you :-)

We have now officially moved to live in Bali, working remotely. I feel so very fortunate and modern to be able to work like this.

We moved in October and are settling in, whilst waiting for our new house to be built.

We could not do this without our amazing staff, the warehouse in Melbourne is operating as before and from your point of view not much has changed.

Of course, I keep in touch every day with the office, Facetime and Whats-app are amazing free inventions which make all this possible as well.

Yes, the body knows we're in paradise (regular dips in the pool, fresh fruit galore and of course warm weather every day) but the head needs to follow, and this takes a bit of time. To fully realize you're now full time Bali-er, needing to learn new skills, finding where to get 'things' and to make sure you're not acting as if on an extended holiday :-)

We 'road-tested' being away for about 12 months; traveling quite a lot to see if any issues would pop up in the warehouse and office. To their credit; nothing did.

So, for now: I wish you well, from Bali. We hope to see you at some of the trade fairs we're doing next year,



July 2023


As promised I'll tell you a bit more about the changes that are happening.


Colours of Australia is now officially Papoose Toys Pte Ltd!


What does this mean for you? Only a couple of things:

1) The website name has changed to Papoose Toys

2) Australian customers will pay into a new Australian account, the details are as follows:

Papoose Toys Pte Ltd

BSB 013-943

Account number: 612 577 191


That's all, maybe slightly disappointing? It has taken a lot of behind the scenes work to make the change, but it's done now and we are happy.


Our fabulous product development stays the same, at the forefront of new ideas.

Our fabulous staff will keep doing their very best to keep/make you happy.




June 29, 2023

The world keeps changing, it's quite something to try and keep up! Travel all back to normal, even Jetstar is not always late anymore...they're still cancelling flights though, such a nuisance.

We have some major changes coming up in the business, will reveal all in the next post.

Product development is going very well, it is very disappointing to see local companies (one in particular, you know who you are!) copying most of our products, even down to the Chinese yum-cha's in the steam basket. You wonder why they don't develop their own ideas...anyway, we focus on the positive: we have very loyal customers that understand the way we work: our products are actually tested and we design them carefully to be fun, educational and safe. We are shortly introducing two new ranges: paper mache and resin. Remember: you saw it here first! :-)

Life is harder for most people; cost of living is going up a lot, especially heating and groceries.

It makes all of us focus on the important things: family, friends, good health.

At least we have freedom of movement again!


January 12, 2022

It is hard to believe we're still in this super strange situation; whereas I didn't personally know anyone with COVID this has now changed with 2 staff off in isolation and it becoming much more common around us. John and I are keeping ourselves as safe as possible; we're still hoping (are we crazy??) to go to the Nurnberg Fair and are supposed to leave next Friday. traveling has become a stressful event instead of one to look forward to: have I got all the right paperwork/vac's/boosters/arrival forms...the list goes on. In a way it is why I really want to go: we need to break through this complacency, experience the outside world again and learn how to stay safe whilst working abroad. We are both triple vacced so fingers crossed!

We'd like to wish you a healthy, safe and happy New Year.



September 25, 2021

Despite the being locked down for long periods, time seems to be flying.

We're heading into the crazy part of the year but I'm wondering what it will look like this year.

In Melbourne we've been locked down so long now we set a new record for the city: in total we are the longest, most locked down city in the world. I can tell you from the heart: I'm over it, together with millions of others. It is endless, depressing and every time there's a glimmer of freedom, we're down again.

Whether you're for or against, hurry up people and get vaccinated, obviously our only way back to a life that we all assumed was ours to live.

We've also been affected by freight taking so long (not to speak of the humongous increases in costs). We've had to stand down staff whilst we're waiting for containers to come in; plenty of work to do then.

Nici is our never ending source of fun, entertainment and affection; she's a very cuddly dog, very energetic and super involved in everything we do. I think without her in our life it would have been quite unbearable.

The race is on to get new products on our shelves, we have had quite a growth spurt and have had time to look at our systems, stock levels and I feel we're growing up as a business, better late than never, right!


It's not all doom and gloom, yes, a lot of people are at least slightly depressed but most of us are also aware that we are lucky compared to so many others that are doing it much harder.

We're hoping the world can turn a corner in 2022, travel comes back, covid is controllable and we can all meet our families and friends again.

Stay strong, with love,





February 5, 2021

So far so good, we still have relatively lots of freedom, especially compared to other parts of the world. Here in Melbourne we haven't had much of a summer, it has been predominantly cool, but I quite like that, 20-25 degrees is perfect.

I've been on a roll with product development and am enjoying seeing new ideas come into existence. It's always a bit of a process and doesn't always turn out the way you think but even that then opens you up to new ideas. I have lovely customers that brainstorm with me and a lot of new ideas are being worked on.

The puppy will be 18 weeks this weekend, had her last shots and I'm hoping for some warm weather so we can take her to the beach. Our first Dally loved the water, we often had to trick her to get her out.

We had a huge milestone for our business this week: our first order that filled a 40 foot container, went out to an overseas customer. We now have space in the warehouse to start the next order!

Hope you are well, wherever you are in the world, take care.




January 1, 2021.

So, the new year has started, I think many people are hoping it will be different from last year. I think it will be a little different but not so much; obviously corona is still around and apparently a new strain from Africa is much more contagious.

We were lucky: we took a little road trip to Brisbane to pick up our new fur baby; Nici our 9 week old Dalmation puppy. We got back just before Christmas, before borders started closing again.

I did forget how much work puppies are but also how much joy she already gives us...the cats probably have a different opinion but are getting used to her. It is the exuberant energy that is confronting for them.

Needless to say, we are already head over heels in love with her.


On the work front we've had to carry on. We had a container come in straight after Christmas. We have a number of large orders waiting for bits and pieces before we can ship them, then we will hopefully have a little space again in warehouse 1. Warehouse 3 is already full.....

I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year, in health, and some wealth and foremost in happiness.



December 6, 2020.

I moved to Australia in 1981, as a freshly married young woman and found a country that somehow nurtured my creativity. In those years, there were many TAFE courses at very reasonable prices and I did a lot of them: bricklaying, stained glass, wood work. I loved every minute of being able to work with my hands and realised to be happy I needed to keep that as part of my working life also.

So, I started a little business with a friend: we were making children's clothing with removable finger puppets tucked into pockets on the front. We didn't get really far with this adventure but it did push me forward into a creative life.

After divorcing husband 1 (Hi Bert!) and meeting John a few weeks later, marrying him and having the opportunity to go to Art School, (You don't need to work, darling...haha) I finished my Textile degree from Curtin University (WA) in 1991 and started a new adventure in business in the last year I studied: I'd developed a short cut of getting designs onto fabric (It was a heat transfer process: painting on paper then transferring the image to fabric with a heat press) by painting the dyes directly onto the fabric and still heat pressing the colours. (Yes, I'm an Aries, notoriously impatient and totally motivated to find more direct ways to do things).

So Colours of Australia was born. I hand painted scarves by the hundreds and sold them, very nicely packaged, to retailers all over Australia.