2-2 Shapes Range

rainbow-tray2.jpgrainbow-tray-1.jpg These are the 7 shapes (Felt Balls shown twice): Triangle-Pyramid-Doughnut-Coin-Ball-Tile-Cube



This is a capsule range consisting of Felt shapes that can be used together, or individually, to add to the experience of colour matching, building, recognizing shapes, counting. Available in our 3 main Papoose Toys Colour Stories: Rainbow, Earth and Goethe. Goethe in particular, is very suitable for classroom activities as it has 12 colours, therefore the sets are much bigger. We have developed many different products in these 3 colour stories, including wooden products, so it gives numerous opportunities for building your own preferred sets. We are also offering the Shapes in tray sets, number 1 and 2, combined they encapsulate the complete Shapes range.